pondělí 23. září 2019

I am moving out

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! I'm blogging since February 2015 what we may count as 1683 days or 40 392 hours or 145 411 200 seconds. That time I'm taking care of my blog, writing down my passion and enthusiasm for traditional as well as contemporary style. My style has evolved by the time which you may see when you observe my blog The Art of Outfits through the years. I still remember the reason why I started the blog. I was not satisfied with bloggers and information they are passing out to the people who are looking for inspiration. The same people who need advice as a current style in the world or misleading marketing pieces of information about fashion are more than confusing for everyone. This situation may be fine through our usual days, but when some formal occasion rise, everyone welcomes good advice.

I wanted to make things more transparent, so everyone could start thinking about their attitude to their style, dressing, approach to the occasions themselves or whether it makes sense to spend money on fast fashion or pieces made of better materials and with the care that lasts many years instead.

I also wanted to pass out not rules but inspiration. Like in the days you don't know what to dress, you come up with an idea to open my blog or have a quick look at my Instagram, and suddenly you know. Through the four years I'm blogging I was delighted that many friends, family members or people who follow me were asking me for advice about what and why should buy or wear.

I decided to move on, and while still keeping my original domain www.theartofoutfits.com, I would like to encourage you to register my new website strongly.  At blogger, I could not improve the design in a way I wanted as I found my current one no more interesting to me, and when I am not too fond of it, I don't want to share it with you. I only share with you things and thoughts I love. I also believe that making things more personal brings more trust between us and that is the biggest reason why I did chose to change my domain to my name. As you might now know www.denisturecek.com is my new website and a new place where I will be sharing with you the very same words what I did till now at The Art of Outfits. Hopefully, even better one!